Friday, 31 August 2007

black broken rib jumper

I see so many patterns for 'sweaters' which is kinda annoying, cause here in australia we call them jumpers. So that is what I am calling mine. I just joined the back and front of my broken rib jumper, and it's looking nice all sleeveless as it is. I will probably do the neckline next and then think about the sleeves. As usual I have a dozen other projects half begun, or thought of, and having reached such a milestone with my jumper, I may lay it aside after that for while until motivation catches me again.

It's the first day of Spring tomorrow and I am really more interested in doing some summer knits.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


yesterday I knitted up a beanie for rina in a lovely pink cotton yarn. I am very much into non-wool yarns at the moment. I have been knitting a summer dress in a bamboo yarn that is just so silky and soft. I intend to make a sarong out of it later.